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Le Cafe de l`Elephante Noir

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Le Cafe de l'Elephante Noir
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Welcome to the Black Elephant Cafe!
Youkoso, kuroi zou kafe he!
Bienvenidos al cafe del elefante negro.

Alright kids, here`s the deal with this community - your Maintainer is a literary nut, a bibliophile, she lurves the literature like she can`t help it, and this little sliver of webspace is to nourish that obsession. So if you like books, if you like writing about the books you`re reading - meaning, if you like thinking about the books you read in any kind of context and fleshing them out critically, then this is the place for you.

Here`s what should happen:

1) Read a book.
2) Write about it in any fashion you choose, somewhere in the ballpark range of 400-800 words. I like critical essays myself. The only thing I won`t accept are plot summaries and grammatical monstrosities. Oh yeah, include the title and author in every entry, and please post behind a cut.
3) Pop in every now and then and comment on others` ideas.

Sound good?

P.S. If you`re still lost, feel free to take a look inside and see what's happening. Or, if you have a question about whether so-and-so is acceptable, post an "Off-topic" (OT) comment!