..reading David Mazzucchelli's new graphic novel Asterios Polyps. I've seen great reviews for it everywhere, but I think what made me want to read it most was when Skylight Books (an indie store) book owner gushed on their blog that they couldn't help by try to convince others to read it.

My thoughts?

I liked it. The art was beautiful...sometimes magnificent. The story was engaging.  The characters were interesting; I wanted to know what would happen to them. But that's really all. 

It's interesting to see how Mazzucchelli uses pictures, design and art to spur on his story rather than dialogue. There is dialogue, but like it's not as important. And without the pictures, the story is rather simple. You know everything even as its unfolding: Sad man of former greatness has lost everything of value. Will he get it back?

Mazzucchelli is quite adept with all his story elements, but I think I missed the richness of a novel. Reading a graphic novel for me has proven to be more like reading lite. I enjoy a good one. I love one with fantastic artwork. But I miss the layers found in prose or poetry. I'm done with a graphic novel in a day. I rarely feel the need to pick it up again. But a good book? Well, you'll find me going back to that again and again.

Anyway, I recommend this as a great read. It definitely switches things up a bit. It won't disappoint. And it shouldn't take you long.